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Botanix Plant Merchandising

Botanix is a new plant merchandising company specialising in helping growers manage and promote their stock in Sydney chain stores and retail garden centres.

The job of promoting plants in store is becoming more expensive every day with the cost of labour, the price of fuel and the cost of tolls continuing to climb. In addition to the cost is the sheer hassle of getting around Sydney.

Botanix can relieve you of the cost and hassle of visiting the stores and help you boost your sales at the same time. If you are selling through Bunnings, BIGW, Mitre 10, K-Mart or any of the independent retail nursery groups we can help you grow your business by helping you manage your stock in store.

Botanix staff are in all 35 Sydney Metro ( Wollongong to Newcastle ) Bunnings stores twice a week and all the leading garden centres once a week. We can help you in as many stores as you like. It might be a single store that you need help with, it might be a region or it might be all of Sydney Metropolitan area. Whilst in store our staff are placing orders for customers, logging on to systems to ensure customers meet their visitation requirements, liaising with store staff, cleaning plants so they look their best in store, fronting the labels and regrouping plants as well as preserving your bench space in store. As we all know the most important piece of real estate in the market is the bench space in the chain store or retail garden centre. Our staff will make sure your space is preserved.

Each month you will receive a formal written report detailing how your stock has been performing in store, any issues re stock or personnel that have arisen during the month and any suggestions on how you can improve your sell-through in store. The report should be read in conjunction with your own sales history for each store. Additionally our staff are always contactable during business hours to give you a verbal update on stock performance in stores.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help your business please contact Malcolm Thompson (Managing Director) on (02) 45666177 or 0423782584.


Managing Director

Malcolm Thompson

Botanix Manager

Anneke Reynolds