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Aechmea gamsepala
'Matchstick Bromeliad'

This strikingly sculptural plant is a cold tolerant bromeliad
from southern Brazil that is very easy to grow.
Matchstick Bromeliad takes its name from the spikes of
tubular flowers in bright pink and electric blue, and
is also known by the name ‘Lucky Stripes’.

Uses: Excellent plant for pot culture either indoors in a well lit room, or a shaded outdoor position.  A superb plant best planted in clumps for a very impressive display.
Flowers: Stout straight flower stems rise (30 to 45cm) from the centre of the plant above the foliage, carrying numerous individual flowers.  Flowering stems are produced several times a year and last for many weeks.
Growth Habit: Strap like green and cream striped foliage that forms an overlapping rosette which acts as a reservoir for water.  Grows 30cm high and 20 cm diameter.
Growing Guide:

Requiring a part-shade or dappled light position in a very well-drained soil, this plant will flourish in warm-temperate climates.  Replenish the tubular water reservoir regularly for best results.

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