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Beschorneria yuccoides
'Mexican Lily'

The Mexican Lily is an evergreen perennial, which
produces stunning rosettes of lance shaped foliage with
rough but not sharp edges. As the plant matures slender
red flower stems rise high above the foliage bearing
clusters of bright green flowers surrounded by red bracts.

Uses: Hard to bypass for hardiness, texture and striking form in mixed plantings with other hardy shrubs. Minimal care plnat ideal for both container & garden planting.
Foliage & Flowers: Evergreen leaves emerge erect and spread as new growth appears. Flower spikes to approx 150cm appear on mature plants late summer.
Growth Habit: Rosettes of foliage form dramatic clumps with age, approximately 100cm h x 150cm w.
Growing Guide: Sunny position with good drainage. Once established very hardy, well able to withstand heat, drought, wind and frost conditions. Responds well to fertiliser and water during the growing season.

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