New to Colourwise


Geranium ‘Big Red’


Geranium ‘Big Red’ is big, fat and beautiful! This plant produces a prolific display of huge, red flowers with such deep, vivid colouration that they seem to zing with intensity. ‘Big Red’ creates a bold, showy display throughout the year. It is easy to grow and will thrive in a well-drained, sunny position. Remove spent blooms to encourage continual flowering. Feed with an all - purpose fertilizer to achieve optimum results. Grows to approx. 40cm high by 50cm wide.

Available in 180mm squat pots in October 

Sisyrinchium ‘Border Blue’


‘Border Blue’ is an improved form of the popular ‘Devon Skies’. It is an ideal plant for creating a thick, low border along pathways or garden beds. It has lush foliage and exquisite, sky blue flowers that will add a little extra joy to your day. ‘Border Blue’ enjoys well drained soil in full sun to part shade. For best results, prune lightly after flowering and feed with an all-purpose fertilizer.

Available in 140mm pots in September 


Incredible Edibles

Kiwi Berry


Our Incredible Edibles range has been received with glowing enthusiasm from gardeners everywhere. We are continuing to expand the range and are excited to announce our newest addition – the kiwi berry!

This is a smaller, bite-size version of the standard kiwi. It’s fuzz-free and can be eaten skin and all. The kiwi berry is self-fertile so unlike its bigger cousin, you won’t need a male and female plant to get fruit. Kiwi berry is a vigorous and hardy vine that can be trained onto a pergola. Kiwi berries can be grown in a variety of soils but require regular, thorough watering, annual feeding with high nitrogen fertilizer and a brightly lit position for optimum fruit production. Rich in Vitamin C and tasty-as, Kiwi berry is choice bro!

Available in 140mm pots in March 

Edible Ginger


Get back your zing with Zingiber officinale. It’s so tasty and so refreshing! Bam! Ginger is a flavour bomb of the best kind. Ginger makes a great addition to Asian dishes and fresh beverages such as juices and teas. Ginger has an energising and uplifting effect and is well known for its many medicinal qualities. Ginger will grow best in a warm, shaded position where it will reach a height and width of approx. 1m. Everyone has been calling us trying to get some – it’s coming really soon, promise.

Available in 140mm pots in November