A huge range of seasonal plants

Incredible Edibles

With a large range of Incredible Edibles on offer we are sure to have something to tantalise your taste buds. Perfect for any backyard or patio garden to help provide fresh produce for your family.

Bay Tree
Black Current
Blackberry Assorted
Blueberry Legacy
Blueberry Sunshine Blue
Cape Gooseberry
Guava Gold
Guava Red
Chilean Guava
Coffee Arabica
Cooking Ginger
Curry Leaf
Goji Berry
Kiwi Berry
Kiwifruit Female
Kiwifruit Male
Loganberry Assorted
Olive- Hardys Mammoth
Olive- Manzanillo
Olive- Tolleys Upright
Olive- Sth Australian Verdale
Paw Paw Bi-Sexual
Feijoa sellowiana
Pommegranite Dwarf nana
Rhagodia Crepingsaltbush
Rosemary Lamb Roast
Rosemary prostrata
Rosemary Roman Beauty
Strawberry Guava
Wasabi Japonica

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